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Tucson ER & Hospital is the first community-based, stand-alone ER and Hospital facility to adopt the FDAapproved technology that distinguishes viral from bacterial infection in 15 minutes

HAIFA, Israel and TUCSON, Arizona, October 25, 2022 – MeMed, a leader in the emerging field of advanced host-response technologies, and Tucson ER & Hospital, a physician-managed facility with a mission to restore the provider and patient relationship through communication and individualized treatment plans, today announce that Tucson is adopting the trailblazing MeMed BV® test that distinguishes viral from bacterial infection within 15 minutes.

MeMed’s technology applies machine learning to translate the complex signaling of the immune system into simple, actionable diagnostic insights. MeMed’s artificial intelligence-based test helps physicians enhance patient management and make better informed antibiotic treatment decisions.

Dr. Darren Kay, Chief Operating Officer & ER Physician, Tucson ER & Hospital said, “We at Tucson ER & Hospital are proud to announce the latest addition to our in-house laboratory technology, the MeMed BV test. This test is an FDA-approved immunoassay that will assist our clinicians in deciphering between viral and bacterial infections, thereby helping us know when to utilize antibiotics. We look forward to continuing to serve the Tucson community by providing respectful, compassionate, and state-of-the-art healthcare.”

Dr. Eran Eden, CEO and Co-founder of MeMed, said, “We are delighted to collaborate with Tucson ER & Hospital and for the opportunity to apply our innovative MeMed BV technology to aid in prudent use of antibiotics and improving patient outcomes.”


About Tucson ER & Hospital

Tucson ER & Hospital serves the community with state-of-the-art testing and diagnostics while providing value-based quality care. Its mission is to restore the provider and patient relationship through communication and individualized treatment plans. In addition to emergency services, Tucson ER & Hospital is a cost-effective option for patients looking for comprehensive preventative diagnostics and for monitoring chronic conditions.

Tucson ER & Hospital is an accredited, 24/7, full-service hospital and emergency department that is set to celebrate three years of service to the Tucson community in October. From injuries to illness, Tucson ER & Hospital is equipped to handle a broad range of medical services. We provide emergency care, laboratory testing and imaging services, including MRI, CT, ultrasound, and X-Ray. Our highly trained medical team provides unmatched, individualized care with little to no wait times.

Tucson ER & Hospital is co-owned by individual physicians and Nutex Health.

About Nutex Health Inc.
Headquartered in Houston, Texas and founded in 2011, Nutex Health Inc. (NASDAQ: NUTX) is a physician-led healthcare management and operations company with approximately 1500 employees nationwide and is partnered with over 800 physicians. Nutex Health has two divisions: a Hospital division and a Population Health Management division. The Hospital division currently owns and operates 21 health care facilities in eight different states, including Tucson ER & Hospital. The Population Health Management division provides management, administrative, and other support services to its affiliated hospitals and physician groups.

About MeMed
Our mission is to translate the immune system’s complex signals into simple insights that transform the way diseases are diagnosed and treated, profoundly benefiting patients and society. For additional information on MeMed, please visit https://www.me-med.com/

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