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Make a Difference Every Day

Patients First

At Tucson ER & Hospital, we measure your success by our patients’ happiness, not stats and numbers. We encourage all of our staff, from front desk, technicians, to physicians, to treat our patients with the utmost care and respect. This means encouraging you to go above and beyond to ensure that our patients receive the best care possible.  

One-On-One Relationships

In addition, because we are a micro-hospital with a smaller staff, we encourage our staff to get to know our patients. This gives our patients a sense of personalized service when they come to the emergency room. This also builds a level of accountability between our staff and our patients.  

Caring Environment

We carefully designed, created, and specifically cultivated a culture and environment where it is warm and inviting. It’s already hard enough that our patients have to be in the ER. That is never fun for anyone. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be a cold experience for the people involved. We expect our staff to make each experience as pleasant an experience as possible.  

Room for Growth

We also believe that our staff should have rewarding and fulfilling careers. We promote from within and believe in caring for our staff the way we would for any member of our family. We also believe that no one member of our team is more important than another. We all play different parts that make the whole work and run seamlessly. We are a high-IQ but low ego culture. Does this fit in with what you’re looking for? 

How Do I know If Tucson ER & Hospital is Right For Me?

This is a very personal question and one that we cannot answer for you. All we know is that we have been fortunate enough to find a team of like-minded individuals who are heroes in their own right. We all have the same passion and heart to get the job done correctly and for the right reasons.