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Current COVID-19 Procedures

Tucson ER & Hospital provides Rapid COVID-19 testing. For the safety of our employees and patients, we triage all potential COVID-19 patients outdoors... Unless the patient is underage, we only allow one visitor with the patient during the time of treatment. This is for everyone’s safety.  

IMPORTANT: We are currently doing in-car pre-registrations prior to admission into the hospital. This is for YOUR SAFETY. If you need to be seen, whether it’s COVID-19 related or not, please call us at 520-375-9111. We will have you speak with a nurse, who will proceed with helping you accordingly. This will not only help to ensure that we don’t cross-contaminate patients but will help our medical staff prepare for incoming cases and gear up on any PPE as needed. Thank you for your corporation. 

 We are currently following all of the CDC policies and protocols in treating COVID-19. 

At Tucson ER & Hospital, we perform COVID-19 testing as an emergency room visit and a claim is submitted to your insurance provider. Our board-certified emergency physician will evaluate you to ensure an appropriate plan of care is created. At this time, we do offer Rapid COVID testing from the hours of 10am and 9pm and no appointment is necessary. We encourage you to pre-register on our webpage www.tucsonerhospital.com.  

During the pandemic, most patients should not occur any cost with Covid-19 diagnostic testing & treatment. At this time, we are not collecting any patient liability at the time of service. Please note you may receive an EOB (explanation of benefits) from your insurance provider, with a break down of how your benefits were applied. This not a bill from our facility.

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